ICC 2022

Christophe Grosset

Christophe Grosset, Speaker at Cancer Conferences 2022
University of Bordeaux, France
Title : Deciphering tumour tissue organization by 3d electron microscopy and machine learning


Background: Despite recent progress in the characterization of tumour components, the 3D organization of this pathological tissue and the parameters determining its internal architecture remain elusive.


Methods: We analysed the organization of hepatoblastoma patient-derived xenograft tissues by serial block-face scanning electron microscopy using an integrated workflow combining 3D imaging, machine learning, mathematics and infographics.


Results: By digitally reconstituting an entire hepatoblastoma sample with a blood capillary, a bile canaliculus-like structure, tumour cells and their main organelles, we report unique 3D ultrastructural data about the organization of tumoral tissue. The size of hepatoblastoma cells correlated with the size of their nucleus, cytoplasm and mitochondrial mass. The blood capillary controlled the planar alignment and size of tumour cells in their 3D milieu. Finally, a set of tumour cells polarized in the direction of a hot spot corresponding to a bile canaliculus-like structure.


Conclusion: This pilot study reported bioarchitectural parameters that shape the spatial organization of tumours, thus paving the way for new investigations in onconanotomy field.



Dr Christophe Grosset studied cellular biology and oncology at the University of Bordeaux, France and received his PhD degree in 1998. He worked as a post-doc fellow at the Texas Houston Medical School during two years. He was recruited as a Principal Investigator at the French National Institute of Health in 2001 and worked for 15 years on post- transcriptional regulation and microRNAs in liver cancer. Since 2016 he heads a research team composed of 15 people who work on the study of pediatric solid tumors. He published more than 60 research articles and reviews and deposited 4 patents.