ICC 2022

Rajender Singh Arora

Rajender Singh Arora, Speaker at Cancer Congress 2022
MGM medical college, India
Title : To evaluate the incidence of level II B nodes involvement in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma andguidelines to involve II B nodes in elective SOND for early OSCC


Prospective study done at SSCH and ACF since 2012 on Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and till date more than 400 cases have been enrolled , all the patients of early OSCC of tongue / buccal Mucosa / lower and upper alvelous / pallet / RMT etc. With cN0 nodes, SOND was done and all these cases II B nodes were dissected and sent for histology study separately and found that approx 3.5% to 4.5 % incidence of metastasis II B nodes. IIB Nodes are present in submuscular reccess behind XI nerve and anterior to posterior border of sternomostroid muscle below posterior border of diagestric


 Dr Rajendersingh Arora completed his MS from MGM medical college , Indore in the year 1991 in Gen Surgery , has worked-in Onco surgery with Dr Digpal Dharkar and Prof L.S Sharma from Indore. In the year 1997 underwent UICC fellowship super-wised by Dr Jatin P Shah (MSKCC- memorial sloan kettering cancer center, New York) presently Director of Sujan Surgical cancer Hospital & ACF, has published more than 15 research articles.