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Biology of Cancer

Biology of Cancer

Biology of Cancer:

Cancer is a disease that results from the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in any body portion. This can seem straightforward, but there are likely to be more regulatory interactions. Cancer is a group of diseases that can develop in any cell of the body that is capable of damaging the body's usual regulating mechanisms. It normally has an effect on the functioning of many body systems. Understanding of the biology of cancer has improved.

Cancer biology is the study of how the intracellular network of typical cells is disrupted during carcinogenesis in order to build successful predictive models that can help scientists and clinicians in the validation of new therapies and drugs. Tumors are distinguished by genomic and epigenetic instability, which changes the function of the cells. Many different molecules and networks in a single cell, as well as changing how the cell interacts with its surroundings.


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