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Leading Speaker for International Cancer Conference 2020 - Luigi Marongiu
Luigi Marongiu
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Title: Increased viral richness in colorectal cancer tissues

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conference 2020 - Ayodeji Oteyola
Ayodeji Oteyola
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Title: Induction of abnormal sperm morphology and alterations in blood parameters and histopathology of liver, kidney and testis in mice by awba dam water

Speaker for cancer conference 2020 - Kenyangi Sofia Safina
Kenyangi Sofia Safina
African Cancer Control Alliance, Uganda

Title: Show me where cancer care is. Improving access to cancer services through trained patient navigators

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Md. Mahbub Alam
Md. Mahbub Alam
North East Cancer Hospital, Bangladesh

Title: Stereotactic body radiotherapy for localized peripheral lung tumor with deep inspiration breath hold technique

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Stephen Kiptoo
Stephen Kiptoo
Moi University, Kenya

Title: Automated detection of cervical pre-cancerous using regional-based convolutional neural network

Speaker for Oncology Conferences - Jyoti Mehta
Jyoti Mehta
Ramaiah medical college, India

Title: Effect of photobiomodulation with low energy lasers in treatment of chemo-radiation induced oral mucositis

Speaker for cancer conference 2020 - Forooz Keshani
Forooz Keshani
University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Serum changes of some elements in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma: A systematic review

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences 2020 - Cindy Yeoh
Cindy Yeoh
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Title: Anesthetic management of a patient with cancer and hyperhomocysteinemia

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Syer Choon Lim
Syer Choon Lim
The University of Sydney, Australia

Title: A new regulator of the androgen receptor provides a unique opportunity to inhibit both genomic and non-genomic signalling and potently reduce PSA in prostate cancer

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Yevheniia Radzishevska
Yevheniia Radzishevska
Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

Title: Oncologic patients have mutual relations of nosological form of the first tumour and second cancers

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conference - Tarek Mohamed Kamal Motawi
Tarek Mohamed Kamal Motawi
Cairo University, Egypt

Title: Significance of serum survivin and -31G/C gene polymorphism in the early diagnosis of egyptian breast cancer patients

Speaker for Oncology Conferences 2020 - Achwak Fatna Bendouida
Achwak Fatna Bendouida
Djillali Liabes University, Algeria

Title: The influence of the hormonal secretion rate on the hematological and biochemical aspects of thyroid structural diseases

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