Gianni Boris Mitchell, Speaker at Climate Change Conferences
Utopian Enterprises, France
Title : Countries at the base of it all.


Something was missed in the examining of the caues of climate change and that is that the number of countries and their political and economic models have to change if we are to survive. Our systems are counter productive to our survival and it is becuase they are based on systems that are not good for human wellbeing. Their is a multiple number of nations and with a preview of extinction thanks to covid there is no better place or time to announce that the destiny of this world can change. Greta Thunberg and her friends are right in regarding these parts of state as the cause of our globally collective conflict and suffering. What she missed though is that the result of having a multiple number of economic and democratic models that are centuries old and flawed design will doom us all. They are not even capable to adminnstration and have now even imploded fianancially which means we need an upgrade. Therefore to counteract the self-perpetuating negativity that is going to end, not the world, but us, the change required and desired is the outcome of building the following programs designed to end such things by simply adding them to the models, or if you like, as part of their structure in order to save our world which is now our only task here. So, here are some ideas that will help with that process, in a very beneficial way, especially in terms of climate change. In short, it seems that even a modern day global version of Atlantis can be saved so why not an old rome and an old babylon which there are 195 versions of on Earth, them, being the countries. Here are the programmes: • International development: The reduction of climate change through the construction of World Peace. • Planetary Caretaking: The Islands Project. • The Democracies: The Digital Governance Democratic App. • Cities and Towns and Enterprise: The Plastic Reduction Initiative. • Architecture and Culture: Communal Living. • Create Ethical Ideologies: A broader Ethical and mandatory education for especially aspiring world leaders in having ethical ideologies. • The most radical - Canyon Lankes. • The MiniHydroEngine and the Tech Carriage. • The Digital Funds System: to build the one world and end debt, inequality and poverty. Climate change is easy to tackle especially if you solve the root causes and even counterbalance some aspects and upgrade to a planaetary model. If you think about it we can send tree seeds up to Mars or the Moon to create an atmosphere but down here on Earth it's much easier to televise us creating t hese programs, and saving the world together. For this planet to work we need a few postive solutions, like the ones above that even end poverty, so we can finally transition to the new level of planetary living with no big problems impeeding our existance. But what it takes to see through an adventure of a world means that I can positively acknowledge the human race's taste for positive change like how to save the world from climate change by building a comprehensive thought through one world using all the above programs.


Mr. Gianni Boris Mitchell studied Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton, London, England and graduated as a bachelor with a first class in 2010. Since the 2008 economic crash he has been pursuing his goal of identifying and solving the root causes of the main suffering on Earth. He has concieved the designs to counteract poverty and also climate change among others. Over the last three years he has been working to get governments, royalty, NGO'S and media outlets on his side. He is the author of the book An Earth towards Utopia and up for the the first man to be able to save the world from poverty in the Guinness Book of World Records.