Allen Fred Fielding

Keynote Speaker for Pulmonology Conferences 2021 - Allen Fred Fielding
Allen Fred Fielding
Temple University, USA
Title : The EVALI (Vaping Associated Lung Injury) Epidemic


During the last five years a new epidemic has been increasing without the needed attention that is needed to control it. Teen Vaping has increased markedly from 2017 to tripling by 2019 and has been on the increase since. Interesting is the fact that in the middle of the year 2017 in the United States a movement to ban the amount of nicotine in Vaping has been looked into. The Altria Groups investment in Vaping has just recently been on the notice with the new administrations idea of making less nicotine content allowable to become less addictive. Patients symptoms of lung problems sometimes appear as if the patient had Covid many misdiagnoses are made and the treatment for EVALI and possibly leading to Bronchiectasis an irreversible disease. Nicotine is not the only problem with Vaping as then flavoring ingredients can also be problematic as diacetyl,2,3-pentanedione although in the solid form as in butter but becomes problematic when heated as a vapor. Why do teenagers feel that this Vaping is not a consequence because peer pressure and Vaping advertisements do not show the real consequences of lung disease that can possibly happen. The present problem is that no long term studies have been done.


Allen Fred Fielding, DMD, MD, MBA is an attending dentist/physician at Temple University Hospital, Temple University School of Medicine and Temple University School of Dentistry. He attended Fairleigh Dickinson University both as an undergraduate and dental school. He pursued a career as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon where he received his certifications from Philadelphia General Hospital He has published and lectured nationally and internationally. His main research is clinical and with the use of the many previous publications, on the past of this chronic condition of ONJ, brings this topic update on the present treatments offered.