Irine Pkhakadze

Speaker for COPD and Asthma Conference 2021- Irine Pkhakadze
Irine Pkhakadze
Akaki Tsereteli State University, Georgia
Title : The Role of Patients Education in the Management of Asthma/COPD


The results of treatment of patients with asthma / COPD largely depends on the level of the patients` education and the need to use of the recommended management plan, besides the availability of health care services and medicines. The role of the patient's education is important, but less studied in Georgia, while chronic disease managament, like asthma/COPD. The goal of the research was to evaluate the effectiveness of patients' education in management of asthma / COPD. For this purpose, we have developed educational approaches for smoker patients  by organizing special training sessions. The studies were conducted with 408 patients who came to the D. Nazarishvili Family Medicine Center during 2018-2019 years. They were divided into 3 groups. The patients in the first group (n = 152) were provided with handouts while the visits.
The second group (n = 120), was divided into 10 small working groups. Each of them were grouped a certain number of patients (n = 12) to be provided with the information about asthma / COPD. There were involved the family doctor and the assistant of the department. The educated patients, and the third control group (n = 136) did not take part in the academic meetings.

The working groups were provided with the following directions:
Asthma / COPD Risk factors,
The importance of quitting smoking to prevent complications,
The role of medical personnel in the asthma / COPD otpimal management and the process of reaching out, assessment of the need for medical service;
The role of adequate medical therapy while using nebulizers, speicers and appropriate oxygen devices.
 The development of self-help skills;

The control visits of patients included patients` inquiry and physical examination. All cardiovascular indicators and pulse oximetry were recorded in medical cards.

The current surveillance of asthma / COPD included the evaluation process:
 Evaluating the patient's vital indicators;
 Evaluating the spirometric indicators.
 Evaluating the frequency of the use of drugs releasing attack
 Evaluating the anamnesis of the exacerbations; development of disease and complications;
 Evaluating the co-morbid conditions.

The assessment of patients' knowledge about  quitting smoking showed, that in the first group, where the handouts were passively distributed, the restraint was achieved only in 9 cases (5,9%), and in the second group, where the active academic work was performed, resulted successfully in 23 cases - 19%. In the third group there wasn`t enhanced data. This showed improved response on exacerbations relatively to the control group. Increasing awareness in patients and their education plays an important role in the management of patients with asthma / COPD. There is no direct connection with improving the objective data of lung functions, but we can impact on disease progress by exposing the risk factors and   the anti-tobacco campaign.

The results of our research inspired to spread interventions in other focus groups including people with special needs.


Irine Pkhakadze MD, PhD, Professor at Akaki Tsereteli State University, Dean of the Medical Faculty. Expert of National center for educational Quality Enhancement of the Ministry of Education of Georgia. She graduated as MD Tbilisi State Medical University in 1993 and received her PhD degree in 2007 at the same University. She is a pediatrician at Kutaisi National Medical Center of medical Corporation “EVEX” and conducts research in the field of respiratory diseases and high medical education. She has published more than 20 research articles. Irine Pkhakadze is Member of Georgian Respiratory Association. She attended COPD-2018, COPD -2019.