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 Ashok Sharma, Speaker at Diabetes Conferences
Apollo Hospital, India
Title : Blood sugar fasting, post prandial and HbA1c level co-relationship in the management of diabetes mellitus.


There are only three main markers for the diagnosis and management of diabetes Mellitus.  Fasting and post prandial blood sugar level gives the amount of glucose present during single point of time. On the other hand, HbA1c value reflects your average blood glucose concentration over the period of three to four month.

In this study, association between HbA1c and FBS was assessed through a cross section population-based study.

100 people who are above 25 years of ages irrespective of Sex, occupation or economic status came for executive health check-up are selected. Their blood sugar fasting (10 hrs) level and HbA1c values are assessed for sensitivity and predictive values are determined.

HbA1c is a strong marker in dividing diabetic, non-diabetic and pre-diabetic among the normal population. There is a strong co-relation between HbA1c and fasting blood glucose level particularly in known diabetic patients.

Fasting blood glucose level is more reliable predictor in the management of diabetes. In this study of patient found to be prediabetic.

There are many clinical situations when fasting blood glucose level is normal. But HbA1c level between 5.71% to 6.1% is important in segregation of prediabetics in normal population. Fasting blood glucose level with HbA1c level are principal prediction in management of known diabetic patient.


Dr. Ashok Sharma is a senior physician working at department of internal medicine at Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, Delhi. He passed out M.D. (Medicine) in year 1988. He is member of global association of Physicians of Indian origin. He is member of Delhi Diabetic Forum. He is working in various state and national conferences of diabetes for last 15 years.