HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Boston, Massachusetts, USA or Virtually from your home or work.
Ravi Kikar Sinha, Speaker at Endocrinology Events
Indian Private Researcher, India
Title : Reducing blood sugar level by ascending or descending the hexose sugar into nontoxic high or low carbon sugars or through superimposing glucose mirror image sugars by shaking it into a 12 carbon sugar, in vivo


Organic Chemists and Biochemist's attention is brought to the task of searching for enzymes and procedures to affect in vivo enzymatic ascending or descending glucose sugars  into nontoxic high or low carbon sugars  or in vivo superimposing mirror image glucose sugars into 12 carbon compounds. Diabetes is addressed at molecular level,by affecting the decrease in the population of glucose in the cellular pool. This is just an idea,on which the researchers can act upon. The author is a theoretician, with no lab facility. He is not attached to any instituition or department . As for finding a suitable enzyme for ascending, descending the sugar series or superimposing mirror image glucose molecules, in vitro studies will have to be initiated. Once the  objective is achieved invitro, in vivo studies in laboratory animals could be done. A physical method which is very simple for superimposing “+” and “-“ forms of glucose will be to shake their mixture for short or long duration till there is marked change in the specific rotation. At this time It is presumably, that most of the “+” and “-“ forms have intertwined and through electrostatic forces have superimposed  mutually. The  solution, then it may be assumed that “+” and”  “-“ component of mixture have superimposed on one another.

Audience Take Away:

  • They will learn a very simple tentative method  to superimpose mirror image molecules in general, and  mirrorimage glucose molecules in particular.
  • In  any solution of “+” and “-“ glucose, about  50% would be “+” type and 50% “-“ type. If we shake the mixture vigorously, “+” and “-“ components will superimpose on one another. This will be a simple method, which I am proposing.
  • They will learn multidisciplinary  research in carbohydrate metabolism.
  • They can learn  superimposing other mirror image molecules in their field.


Author was a student of genetics, in the then university college of swansea, singleton park, sa28pp, Uk (year1974-75). He is a member, AAAS, Washington dc, USA.