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Miguel Vazquez Moreno, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Mexican Social Security Institute, Mexico
Title : Serum haptoglobin is associated with obesity and lipids in mexicans


Background. Haptoglobin is an acute-phase inflammatory protein mainly produced by the liver. Although recent literature evidence that rs2000999 in the HP gene is associated with total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels in Mexicans, little is known about the association between serum haptoglobin, obesity, and lipids in this population.

Objective. To analyze the association between serum haptoglobin, obesity, and lipids in 447 and 395 Mexican children and adults, respectively.

Methods. In this obesity case-control study, anthropometric data and serum lipids (TC, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol [HDL-C], LDL-C, and triglycerides [TG]) were analyzed. Haptoglobin was determined by immunoturbidimetry.

Results. Serum haptoglobin level was positively associated with childhood and adult obesity (Children: OR=1.014, 95% CI, 1.009-1.018, p=6.55x10-9; Adult: OR= 1.015, 95% CI, 1.010-1.021; P= 7.2 × 10-8). In children, a significant association was found between serum haptoglobin, TC (β= -0.068 ± 0.030, p= 0.023) and HDL-C (β= -0.031 ± 0.011, p= 0.004) levels. Additionally, significant interactions between obesity and serum haptoglobin level on LDL-C (β= -3.376±1.109, p=0.001), TC (β=-4.592±1.408, p=0.001), and TG (β=-9.318±2.600, p=0.001) were observed. In adults we did not find any significant association between serum haptoglobin level and lipids (p≥ 0.061).

Conclusion. Our results evidence a significant association between serum haptoglobin and childhood and adult obesity in Mexico. In addition, an obesity-specific association of serum haptoglobin with TC and LD levels was observed only in children.


A National Investigator Level 1 and Posdoctoral Fellow in the Unidad de Investigación Médica en Bioquímica of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, in Mexico. PhD. Graduated with honors from the Universidad Naiconal Autónoma de México in 2020. Author of 11 journal articles with 74 citations. In biomedical science, he has graduated 1 master and 2 medical specialty students. His scientific interest is in the Genetic bases of obesity and type 2 diabetes through the: 1) Creation of new study cohorts of children and adults, and 2) genetic identification and its biological, ethnic, and environmental interactions.