HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Boston, Massachusetts, USA or Virtually from your home or work.
Gretchen Holmes, Speaker at Diabetes Conference
Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, United States
Title : Navigating obesity, diabetes, and behavior change: A case study of a successful physician-patient partnership


Prevalence of obesity and diabetes are on the rise and have been since 1999. Physicians are frustrated at the lack of compliance from patients around behaviour change and patients are frustrated with physicians because they often need more tools and guidance to achieve successful behaviour change. This session will focus on a highly successful physician-patient partnership of a newly diagnosed diabetic patient’s successful behaviour change journey resulting in a 112 lbs weight loss, a normal A1c, and returning to excellent health. This session will focus on the effective communication techniques and promising behaviour change theories and models that together, with a compassionate and supportive physician, contributed to the success of the patient’s behaviour change journey.

Audience Takeaway:

  • Physicians will be able to apply the communication techniques to their everyday practice to support their patients in the behavior change journeys.
  • Patients will benefit by learning communication techniques to talk with their physicians about this uncomfortable and complex issue.
  • Both physicians and patients will benefit by applying the tools provided to create a more meaningful and supportive environment and relationship.
  • By understanding promising behavior change theories and models, physicians will be better able to help their patients become more successful in losing weight and managing their diabetes.


Dr. Gretchen Holmes is an award-winning and accomplished senior-level hospital executive, Graduate Medical Education (GME) DIO, Clinical Trials Leader, and an experienced social science researcher/methodologist who is driven by her passion to bring humanity back to medicine by fostering a learning environment that teaches future providers to be compassionate and competent and to embrace patient centered-care. She earned her BS and MA degrees from New York University and her PhD in Health Communication from the University of Kentucky with a Graduate Certificate in Medical Behavioral Science. She currently serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Patient Experience.