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Vineet Singh Sikarwar, Speaker at Speaker for Green Chemistry Conferences: Vineet Singh Sikarwar
Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Title : Thermal plasma gasification as a green pathway for waste-to-energy


Thermal plasma technology is a viable pathway to treat a variety of wastes and produce fuel gas which in turn can be employed for diverse applications. Interestingly, the inert glassy slag which is obtained as a by-product in the plasma assisted waste treatment can also be upgraded to value added products such as glass ceramics, road filler material, building construction material, etc. Moreover, thermal plasma pyrolysis/gasification can synthesize carbon nanospheres (which has numerous important applications) from methane, acetylene, propane, polymers, waste tires and waste rubber along with the generation of useful gaseous products. In recent years, interest in the utilization of advanced thermal plasma technology for wastes treatment has increased enormously, primarily because of its independence on the type of waste, coupled with a high destruction efficiency, environmental compatibility and energy recovery.


Vineet Singh Sikarwar is a joint researcher at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, the Department of Power Engineering of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Czech Republic and the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology of the Ghent University in Belgium. He is working on the experimental and theoretical investigations of thermal plasma assisted waste valorization with the recovery of useful energy and value added materials. His other research interests include carbon capture, biofuels synthesis and solar desalination systems. He has published his works in journals such as Energy and Environmental Science, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science among others. He is a regular reviewer for several prestigious scientific journals (e.g. Environmental Science and Technology, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Environment Development and Sustainability, International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, …). Prior to his career in research, he served as a Project Engineer in a leading heat exchanger manufacturing industry in India.