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Madhusudan Hiraman Fulekar, Speaker at Green Chemistry Conferences
Parul University, India
Title : Climate change: Mitigation of green house gases in control environment


Climate change is one of the most important Global Environmental Challenge. Addressing Climate Change requires a good understanding and knowledge as well as coordinated Action Plan at National and Global Level. The UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol made the provisions for adapting the policy development for Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change. The IPCC was created to provide policy makers with Regular scientific assessment on Climate Change Impact. The effective measures need Sustainable Development Goal adaptation and Environmental Friendly Technologies for Mitigation the impact of Green House Gases.  Carbon dioxide is one of the most significant among greenhouse gas owing to its high abundance that contributes to global warming. A greenhouse gas CO2 impact on Rabi crops (Wheat, Oat, and Chickpea) at different environment conditions in Designed and Developed Reactor has been studied. The experiment was designed in control Environmental conditions inside the Chamber wherein Carbon Dioxide, a Green House Gas, induced at a sustainable concentration over a period of plant Growth, at different intervals - time period. The Plant growth of Rabi crops: Biomass (Root & Shoot), Proteins, Lipid, Carbohydrates, Chlorophyll; etc; during each exposure of Carbon Dioxide have been studied. Further, in a separate set of Experiment, Rhizosphere - soil developed was amended in the Soil Pot (3:1) and the Plant Growth was studied in a similar pattern, under the influence of Carbon Dioxide in chamber. Rhizosphere -  soil environment was found profound impact of Absorption / Adsorption of carbon Dioxide that enhanced the growth of the Crop plants as well as other ingredients of the Plants studied. The Laboratory Experiment model Developed can be transferred to Agricultural Environment to Increase the Soil fertility and Crop production; where there is exposure of Green House Gases, which would be Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change.
Key Words: Climate Change, Green House Gases, Designed and developed Reactor, Environmental Conditions, Rhizosphere Soil, Mitigation.

Audience Take Away:

  • Audience will be able to use the model developed for mitigating the impact of green house gases.
  • The audience will perform the research in their job.
  • This research will be beneficial to faculty for teaching and advance research.
  • The reactor design and developed will be use full for mitigating the impact of green house gases.
  • Yes, it will provide solution to the climate change problem.
  • It will be use full for agriculture environment, Industry environment for reducing climate change impact.


Madhusudan Hiraman Fulekar, M.Sc. (Chemistry), MPhil. & Ph.D (Environment Science), LLB, MBA (HRD), D.Sc. (Life Science) submitted. He is a Environmentalist and he has worked as a faculty – Delhi Technological University, Delhi and University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. He was also a Professor & Head, Life Sciences (Environmental Biotechnology ), University of Mumbai - 2002 to 2011 and as Senior Professor & Dean, School of Environment and Sustainable Development, Central University of Gujarat (2011-2019) & Director Central University of Gujarat. He was also Vice-Chancellor (I/C), Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. At present Prof. M.H.Fulekar is working as Senior Professor cum Joint Director (R&D), Center of Research for Development, Parul University, Gujarat, India.