Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- T.D. Hondo
T.D. Hondo
National University Of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe
Title : Biodiesel generation from parinari curatellifolia (hacha) nuts. A green energy resource alternative. Unlocking the value of the underutilized resources.


Abstract: Several oils have been characterized by many researchers as a way of unravelling their usefulness. Chinweubwa Arinze Jude, 2013 extracted oil from ground Nicotiana tabacum seeds by soxhlet.The percentage oil content was 36.75%. The oil was characterised in terms of iodine value, saponification value acid value, free fatty acid content and specific gravity.The oil content of the seeds showed that processing of the oil is economical.The physiochemical properties showed that the oil was highly unsaturated and had semi-drying properties. Inadequate resources of setting up of exotic plantation such as the case in Zimbabwe for jatropha have caused high emissions to be exposed to the atmosphere from the use of conventional fuels which are seriously emitting large amount of greenhouse gas which had led to increased death of infants, lung diseases and global warming which affects the raining season thereby causing poor yields which cause poverty and hunger to affect the nation, therefore to prevent such problems, it is of significance to unlock the value of underutilized indigenous trees which can substitute the use of exotic trees which might find it difficult to start adapting to unpredictable rainfall. Biodiesel produced from parinari curatellifolia nuts can be used as a blend with conventional fuels as a way to reduce emissions and improving its use in energy.All the stated problems have been talked of by the researchers of which some of their discoveries which were made, have been seen successful but in the long run of the solution it had turned also to be a greatest carbon emitter source. The balances of the carbon dioxide needed by plants and the carbon dioxide which is being taken as oxygen by animals including human beings as a whole is shown to be imbalanced which have resulted in global warming which is caused by high greenhouse gas emissions.


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