Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- K. Dhanasekaran
K. Dhanasekaran
Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, India
Title : Conversation of biodiesel from waste oils


Abstract: Now-a-days, the usage of fossil fuel is limited one and due to its environmental effects. Biodiesel is an eco-friendly fuel processed from various fresh, used oils and some other disposed waste seeds oils. In this work, biodiesel is processed from waste oils and disposed seed oils and even these are crucial one if it is dumped into the environment. Waste oil to biodiesel is processed by two stage Transesterification process and whereas fresh oil used single stage Transesterification process due to its FFA content. Biodiesel processing is used base and heterogeneous catalysts and heterogeneous catalysts are characterized by XRD, FTIR, EDX, SEM and DGA-DTA methods. Biodiesel processing parameters are: catalyst concentration, oil to alcohol ratio, reaction temperature and effect of reaction time and Transesterification alcohols are methanol, ethanol, propanol and butanol. Biodiesel oil is confirmed by FTIR and Europe standard EN 14214 and also studied the kinetic of Transesterification.

Audience Takeaway:

  • To learn the biodiesel process from various aspects with various factors
  • Can understand practical problems during processing of biodiesel
  • Can understand various catalyst used for biodiesel process
  • To understand the usage of biodiesel to transportation purpose and environmental effects


Dr. K. Dhanasekaran studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Madras, Chennai and graduated as B. Tech, in 2001 and M.Tech in Ceramic Technology at Anna University, Chennai in the year of 2004. After post-graduation, he had joined ceramic related industries and then he started his teaching profession from 2008 onwards. He joined research work under the guidance of Dr. M. Dharmendirakumar, Department of Applied Science and Technology, Anna University, Chennai in the year of 2009. He received his Ph.D degree in 2013 at the same institution. He has published more than 06 research articles in SCI (E) journals and conference and also given special lectures.