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Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Wei Zhang
Wei Zhang
University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Title : Integrated green techniques for the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic molecules


Abstract: This presentation highlights our recent effort on the development green synthetic techniques including one-pot and multicomponent reactions to maximize reaction efficiency and increase product diversity. Recyclable organocatalyst-promoted cascade reactions have been introduced for asymmetric fluorination, Michael addition, Mannich reaction, Robinson annulation and other transformations to construct drug-like molecules with multiple stereocenters. Screening of our compounds for druggable targets such bromodomains, kinases, RORgt, and HIV-1 will be mentioned.


Prof. Wei Zhang is the Director of the Center for Green Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He received his PhD and did his post-doctoral research at the University of Pittsburgh, then had positions of Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Senior Chemist at DuPont, and Director of Discovery Chemistry at Fluorous Technologies, Inc. Prof. Zhang’s research is in the areas of green chemistry, fluorous chemistry, synthetic free radicals, organocatalysis, and medicinal chemistry. He has published over 210 peer-reviewed papers including three in Chem. Rev. and a book “Green techniques for organic and medicinal applications” (Wiley, 2nd edition 2018). He is currently severing as editor and editorial advisory member on seven international journals including ACS Combinatorial Science and Green Processing and Synthesis. He received the International Fluorous Technology Award in 2015