Poster Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Abeni Ogah Paul
Abeni Ogah Paul
Isunder Green Technology Services, Nigeria
Title : Project Isunder: Reducing climate emissions from the transport sector


Abstract: The research; ‘PROJECT ISUNDER’ focuses on the invention of a Direct Current electric motor called the Switched Mode Power (SMP) motor, that effectively improves on the efficiency and average range covered by current Electric Vehicles. The motor is purposed for use as the new Electric Vehicle engine. According to studies conducted, the transport sector is the fastest growing contributor to climate emissions. A sure way to reduce these emissions from the transport sector is to promote the widespread uptake and use of electric mobility globally. Although there have been significant improvements in Electric Vehicle technology, it is still limited in range, since the battery bank that supplies energy to the electric motor needs to be recharged after extended use. The SMP motor is modeled on the working principle of a Switched Mode Power Supply with a flyback topology. The motor comprises of a stator similar to that of an induction motor, but with much lesser winding slots and a wound rotor whose circuit is closed electrically by a diode switch. The rotor is a brushless design and sources its electric power by induction. The stator and the rotor coils of the motor represent the power inductors while the motor controller circuitry serve as the electronic control and capacitor storage unit for energy. All these electronic and mechanical parts are integrated in a unique fashion to bring about the invention of the SMP motor. This motor is believed to offer practical solution to the range limiting factor of Electric Vehicles, thus patronage of Electric Vehicles will increase drastically and so will climate emissions contribution from the transport sector. This invention will truly revolutionize the electric transport industry, encourage more uptake of Electric Vehicles globally and will greatly reduce environmental pollution due to climate emission contributions from the transport sector. The SMP motor offers the following benefits over other electric motors used as Electric Vehicle engine: lesser consumption of electric energy; higher efficiency and reliability; extended range coverable per single battery bank charge; eradication of the need for large and costly battery bank; reduction of the average production cost of Electric Vehicles.


Mr. Ogah studied Chemistry at the Benue State University, Makurdi and graduated in 2018. He then enrolled for a full year of technical training in renewable energy at the Dony Global Technologies, Nigeria. He received his professional certification in Project Management in 2019 at the British Project Management Academy. After these training, he proceeded to found a business enterprise (Isunder Green Technology Services) where he hopes to promote the use of clean energy and maintain a safe environment that is free from energy and transport emissions in Nigeria.