Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Shantanu Bhowmik
Shantanu Bhowmik
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India
Title : State-of-the-art Recycling of Plastic Waste into Valuable Products: A Perspective for Green and Clean Environment


Abstract: Plastic waste is creating significant damage to environment across the globe. However, it is the materials that have significant value for various industries such as packaging, electronics and appliances, construction and transport. Unfortunately, most of the plastic items are  one-time use product and then they are thrown into the environment. Due to their non-degradable nature, they are harmful to the environment. They are thrown into the ocean or made into huge garbage mountains in landfills. The reasonable way to get rid of all the plastics would be recycling them into products with a longer lifespan. But the major problem in recycling is that in the process of recycling the properties of plastics are reduced by half to that of virgin plastics, due to which only 9% of the total 9 billion tonnes of plastic has been recycled. Due to innovative recycle technology, this investigation has shown the right way and number of products has been made which are even better properties with low cost. Even though regulatory body bans the use of single use plastics that will just account to 5-10% of the plastics waste generated. Therefore, still the rest 90% of the plastic waste generated per day i.e., 9 billion tonnes of plastics waste globally. Therefore, the solution is the product which will be made from plastic waste should have life more than 50 to 60 years.   The solution is provided and highlighted in Figure 1 the recycled products such as foot path tiles, roof tiles, furniture’s etc.

Audience Takeaway:

  • Audience will get clear solution about recycling of plastic waste to plastic composite products
  • Audience will get clear understanding how to set-up plastic waste recycling plant
  • The recycling plant will generate economy
  • The recycling plant will save environment.


Dr. Shantanu Bhowmik is the Head of the Research and Projects at School of Engineering and Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, India and Adjunct Professor: Center for Future Materials, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Shantanu Bhowmik received his Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee and part of his Ph.D thesis was carried out at Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Before joining at Amrita University, Dr. Bhowmik has worked as Associate Professor at Department of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Senior Scientist at Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) under Govt. of Singapore and Scientist at Royal Military College of Canada (under National Defence of  Canada).

He has been honored by number of international and national research awards such as prestigious International Scientific Exchange Research Award of Swiss National Science Foundation of Federal Government of Switzerland in April 2018. This program provides outstanding academicians/researches as Visiting Professorship in Swiss Universities. Awarded Achrya Prafulla Chandra Roy Research award from Institute of Palmocare, Kolkata, India in August 2017. Research Award of Swiss National Science Foundation of Federal Government of Switzerland in February 2016. This program provides outstanding academicians/researches as Visiting Professorship in Swiss Universities. Marie Curie Research Award from European Union 7th Framework Program from European Commission in February 2014. Brain Pool Korea Research Award from Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, Government of Korea in July 2013 for his exemplary work. This program provides outstanding academicians/researches as Adjunct Professorship in Korean Universities. DST-DAAD PPP-2000 Research Award during his doctoral research and part of the doctoral research was carried out at Technical University of Berlin, Germany, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Visiting Fellow Research Award of Government of Canada as one of the most promising and emerging scientists and the work was carried out at Royal Military College of Canada (under National Defence of Canada) and the Research Award of Prestigious National Academies (National Research Council of USA) for NASA’s Vision of Space Exploration to work at NASA-Marshal Space Flight Centre.

Dr. Bhowmik has published over 140 research articles in polymeric composite, nano composite adhesive bonding and surface engineering related to aviation, space and nuclear applications in international journals and international conferences, 3 book chapters, filed 6 patents and 7 invention disclosures and member of editorial boards of Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Science, International Journal of Surface Engineering and Materials Technology and Journal of New Dimensions of Science and Technology. He is an executive member of Asian Polymer Association, Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), European Society of Composite Materials (ESCM), Advisor of number of International Conferences and Professional Technical Expert of Army Design Bureau, Govt. of India.

Dr. Bhowmik has presented research articles in leading international conferences and delivered invited lectures at various countries such as Germany, UK, Switzerland, Canada, USA, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Spain, Bulgeria, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and India. He is an eminent speaker of Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE), Army Design Bureau and Asian Australasian Conference for Composite Materials. He is also having international collaborations with Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Fraunhofer Institute of Technology, Bremen, Germany, University of Applied Sciences, Rapprswil, Switzerland, Massey University, New Zealand, University of Auckland, New Zealand and University of Southern Queensland, Australia  as Visiting Professor.

Dr. Bhowmik has established International Centre for Nano Technology and Applied Adhesion at Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim, India and his research articles have been cited by number of industries including Lockheed Martin (USA), Israel Aerospace Limited, Leoni Studer AG (Switzerland), Dutch Space (The Netherlands) and Ventracor Limited (Australia).

Under Dr. Bhowmik’s supervision six Ph.D dissertations, one Post Doctoral and twelve M. Tech. dissertations have been awarded. He is currently supervising eight Ph.D research scholars and he was awarded 24 sponsored projects with 4 on-going national and international funded projects.