Scientific Committee for Green Chemistry- 2020- David Galán
David Galán Madruga
Health Institute Carlos III,Spain


Dr. David Galán is a scientific researcher (from 2004 up to nowadays) in the Department of Atmospheric Pollution (National Reference Laboratory for Air Quality in Spain) of the National Center for Environmental Health (Health Institute Carlos III), is the head of the functional unit in that Department and holds a PhD in Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry by Complutense University of Madrid (Mention of European Doctorate). Similarly, Dr. Galán is an expert in instrumental techniques by Faculty of Chemical Sciences (Complutense University of Madrid) and holds a Master in Computer Science and Management as well as 31 specific courses on Environmental Sciences. Dr. Galán has published more than 170 scientific-technical reports as well as more than 30 oral communications in international congresses, including air quality issues. Dr. Galán has been served as a member of Directive Board of a Scientific Society such Spanish Society for Environment Health (2013-2017), member of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN/TC 264 “Air Quality”), member of Workgroups for developing European Normative Projects such as WG21 “UNE-EN 15549:2008 Standard” and WG 34 “Determination of anions and cations in ambient air”, member of Scientific and Management Committees in Scientific Congresses, member of Expert Committee for air quality assessment during a large fire at a used tire landfill located in Spain, as well as a member of board of national competitive exams in the field of research for Research Public Organizations on numerous occasions (from 2006 to 2019). Nowadays, he is member of Technical-Scientific Committee for RELAB in Spain