Committee Member for Green Chemistry Conference-2020 - Donatella Termini
Donatella Termini
University of Palermo,Italy


Donatella Termini, Ph.D., received her Ph.D. in Hydraulics and Fluvial Hydraulics in 1996. In June 1997 nominated scientist of Hydraulic and Hydraulic Applications. In 1997 research fellow at the Queen's University - Kingston - Ontario (Canada). From 1998 to 2000 post-doctoral researcher at Palermo's University. From May 2001 to December 2004 assistant professor. Since January 2005 Associate Professor in Hydraulic Engineering - Palermo's University (Italy) and since 2013 qualified as Full Professor. Leader or collaborator of national or EU research projects and Guest Editor of International Journals. In 2007 she had “Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize”. Present research efforts include the investigation in fluvial hydraulics and eco-hydraulics (flow resistance, effect of vegetation, sediment transport, effects of bed roughness), prediction of river morphological evolution both through experimental investigations and by the development of numerical simulation codes. More than 180 papers published in proceedings of national and international congresses and in international scientific journals.