International Conference on

Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

March 22-24, 2021 | Valencia, Spain

Jamil Asim

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Jamil Asim
Jamil Asim
University of Okara, Okara, Pakistan
Title : Analysis of profile of ions irradiation-induced damage in nickel nanowires done by SRIM computer simulation technique


This contribution reports on study of profile of ion beam irradiation-induced damage in nickel nanowires made by using Stopping Range of Ions in Matter (SRIM) computer simulation software. Samples of Nickel nanowires (Ni-NWs) were prepared and then exposed to different ions of different energies. Finally, a database of effects of different ions of different energies on nickel nanowires was made. 
To verify SRIM results, the samples were also characterized structurally through x-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques. The study of damage in Ni-NWs was performed using collision cascade theory and thermal spike’s model. This study will be helpful in application of Ni-NWs based transparent conducting electrodes (TCEs) fabricated by ion beam irradiation technique in optoelectronic devices.


Jamil Asim has an undergraduate and MS degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from The Superior University Lahore in 2014.
From 2011-2014 he worked as a MS research fellow at Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in The Superior University Lahore Pakistan, where he developed routing protocol that shows best performance under implicit situations. He has been working in routing protocols in wireless mesh networks since 2012. Currently, he is holding the major administrative responsibilities in University of Okara and working as Graduate Research Student (PhD) at Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in University of Okara. His research now focuses on network security, network risk management and computer simulation.


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