International Conference on

Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

March 22-24, 2021 | Valencia, Spain

Henning Zoz

Keynote Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Henning Zoz
Henning Zoz
CEO & President of Zoz Group
Title : Non-Religious Clean- Green- & Hightech in Advanced Materials & Nanostructures - from Solid-state Hydrogen Storage to Titanium ODS - make more with less


From anxious times till now, the meanwhile mordern societies in this world have decided to utilize and to live with technology. Both, science and technology were the drivers for more wellfare and more environmental responsibility likewise for more education resulting in strong democratic systems - and all in result extending human beeings average life time significantly. A strict separation from religion vs. state/science/economy has been understood and achieved over centuries - however today it seems we - the mordern societies in Europe are on the return path at full speed.
Particularly in Germany, it even seems, that the understanding for the value of all achieved is not given and that it would not be worth surviving towards the future. Also the reputation of science is misused by self-announced and/or any fitictious experts, some foggy level full of e. g. so called NGOs between political decision makers and scientific, economic and democratic reality.
No matter if a so called man-made climate change is possible, plausible ot not at all, the present decicions against diesel-engine and e. g. each set-up of any single more windmill, at least in Germany, do proove, that we have already left the path of ratio.
Materials 2020 presentation will focus on:
non-religous facts upon climate change, CO2 and fine-dust regulations, manmade barriers for innovations in materials science and engineering as well as our position towards energy and industry, growth and wellfare in Germany and Europe. It will start with the understanding, that it is not energy but materials, to be already ruling technologywise present and future of modern mankind and it will end with the forecast for hydrogen mobility and nuclear fusion/fission energy generation.
Understanding, that there is no trash in this world but materials, these are the main candidates, answering the major questions for more and cleaner energy generation. That since energy represents our major tool to manage the given challenges and responsibilities towards a growing world population. Wars and competition about resources are ongoing since the bottleneck is determined by global available materials from metals to drinkable water and usable sand.
If we need more, from something we don’t have endless nor enough, there can be only two strategies. A) is ultimate recycling and b) is increasing the peformance of that, what we have. Thus (a), before we bring a new product to the market, we have to determine how to re-use after lifespan and (b) from the resources we have, we goal to care for better and best way of use. In materials, the latter is usually related to material function and this functionality can be addresses and improved with nanostructures and nanotechnology.
Nanostructures - make more with less.
This presentation will also give examples how nanostructure equipment (Zoz-Simoloyer®) can allow successful global business since decades at enormous economic & ecologic potential for the future.
In brief, present technologies/applications will cover clean-/greentech materials from super-concrete (FuturZement|FuturBeton), super-lightweight (Zentallium®) also for additive manufacturing (Nanotun3D, Ti-ODS), modern energy storage (H2Tank2Go®, ZoLiBat®) and even dandelion-rubber for autotires (Continental-TaraxagumTM). Results from “public bridge to car to aircraft” will be given.
The at Zoz partly just done and ongoing revitalization of Plansee`s former high-temp. oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) material PM2000 will close with amazing future materials ODS/NFA that include a high irradiation tolerance for construction materials at coming nuclear applications (Zoz-PM2000ff)


Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz is the CEO & President of Zoz Group and a father of Five.
CMB-materials, cycle operation, NdFeB-magnetic filter system, Zentallium®, Hydrolium®, H2Tank2Go®, High Performance Cement/Concrete, Zoz-PM2000 and other. Numerous patents and trademarks, more than 50 papers, teaching at numerous universities and institutes all over the world. Due to his expertise in energy storage materials and energy storage, including integration and drives, Zoz became a prominent address, when it comes to cost-effective utilization of renewable energy sources for mobile and stationary applications (H2 Mobility, base-load capable CO2-free power plant).
Doctoral Degree in Advanced Technology at summa cum laude [2008];
Invited professor at CIITEC-IPN [s2004];
Chair Professor [2009-2014] and Assistant Professor [2015] at Ritsumeikan University;
KPMI, FPM, DKG, DEV, PMAI, MPIF and other.
Zoz is one of the founders and main organizers of the OZ-German-Japanese Symposium on Nanostructures and a member of a number of program/advisory committees all over the world.


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