International Conference on

Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

March 22-24, 2021 | Valencia, Spain

Srdjan Milenkovic

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Srdjan Milenkovic
Srdjan Milenkovic
IMDEA Materials Institute, Spain
Title : Status and Prospect of Al alloys for Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing technology is being adopted in more and more industries and the focus of research and development is shifting to the materials in use. However, limited processability of high-performance Al alloys restrict the robustness of the process in some cases, while in other cases the best Al alloys for a given application cannot be processed at all. Currently only a few alloys can be reliably processed by this methodology, and in particular the number of different aluminium alloys available for AM is still rather limited. The main reason is that the strongest Al alloys, which get their strength from precipitation hardening, contain highly volatile elements such as Zn, Mg, etc. leading to turbulent pools, pores and low mechanical properties. In the first part, this talk will review the current state of the art of the Al alloys for AM. In the second part, the latest research on development of the innovative aluminium alloy specifically designed for SLM will be described. Two different approaches will be presented: on one hand, on tailoring the chemical composition to improve processability, specifically crack susceptibility of wrought aluminium alloys of the 7xxx series (Al-Zn alloys) and on the other, to increase mechanical resistance of weldable casting grade AlSi10Mg alloy. A special emphasis will be placed on powder production by gas atomization as a first and an important step in alloy development for additive manufacturing. It will be shown how the desirable compositions can be achieved and what are the main challenges faced. Also the properties of the powders will be assessed and processability by SLM demonstrated. Finally, the properties of the new alloys will be presented and compared with the traditional ones.
Audience Takeaway:
State-of-the art of Al alloys for Additive manufacturing. Main challenges and approaches to meet them. Latest research on development of the innovative aluminium alloy specifically designed for SLM. New Al alloys that can be 3D printed with the same or even better properties than the Al7075 alloy which is considered the best Al alloy for structural applications.


Having obtained a PhD in 2002 from the State University of Campinas,Brazil Dr, Srdjan Milenkovic joined the department of Materials Technology at the Max-Planck-Institute for Iron Research (MPIE) in Düsseldorf, Germany, as a research associate. Since March 2011, appointed as a head of the Solidification Processing and Engineering group at the IMDEA Materials Institute. His research expertise includes advanced solidification processing techniques with special emphasis on gas atomization of powders for additive manufacturing and development of novel high-throughput casting methods. Publication record: published over 60 papers in JCR journals, among which two in Nano Letters with impact factor >10.


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