International Conference on

Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

March 22-24, 2021 | Valencia, Spain

Sumit Kumar Gupta

Keynote Speaker foe Materials Science Conference-Sumit Kumar Gupta
Sumit Kumar Gupta
Parishkar College of Global Excellence, India
Title : Study of YBCO Phase Diagrams


The users oriented need for HTSC phase diagrams is discussed including the melt-textured growth, formation of glass-ceramics and conventional sintering affecting the weaks links problems. CuO -based binaries (and associated stable/ metastable compoundg) are reviewed and jointly redrawn. The ternary system Y-Ba-Cu-(0) is survayed including the effect of oxycarbonates and Pt-substitutes. The most important pseudo binary cuts are also presented. The role of oxygen pressure is shown for the disordering and superstructure formation of YBa2Cu Ox as well as for the reactions to form the other phases. In hole-doped cu prates there is now compelling evidence that inside the pseudogap phase, charge order breaks translational symmetry leading to a reconstruction of the Fermi surface. In YBa2Cu3Oy charge order emerges in two steps: a 2D order found at zero field and at high temperature inside the pseudo gap phase, and a 3D order that is superimposed below the superconducting transition Tc when superconductivity is weakened by a magnetic field. Several issues still need to be addressed such as the effect of disorder, the relationship between those charge orders and their respective impact on the Fermi surface.


Ph.D (Material Science) M.Tech. GATE, MPhil, M.Sc. (Physics Specialization in Micro wave Electronics) B.E.D 
Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta Dean, Faculty of Science Parishkar College of Global of Excellence Jaipur in the Department of physics, With over 15 years of teaching, research, and administrative experience, he has held various administrative positions as the Head of Department in various degree colleges and engineering colleges and has a vast experience of teaching in IIT-JEE Institute.
Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta had been associated with Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur for last 8 years as Associate Professor. Prior to that, he was associated with Agarwal PG College, Subodh PG College, Global Institute of Technology, Joythi Vidhyapeeth University Jaipur, as faculty positions for 7 years. In his 15 years teaching, administrative and research duration, he has published 27 research papers in highly reputed UGC Approved International Journals. He has participated in 14 National and International Seminars and delivered over 18 lectures in the international and national conferences.  He has been selected as Speaker keynote   in 20 International Conference in material science 2017-2019 London, Dubai,  USA, Italy, France, Sweden, South Korea & Netherland . He has been written 7 books for B.TECH engineering. 
Dr Sumit Kumar Gupta has been awarded Best Dean of Year 2018 by Global Education and Corporate Leadership (GECL) at Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut India.,BEST RESEARCH AWARD 2019 By IOSRD ,Life Achievement Award 2019 From IIT Delhi . Best senior scientist Award 2019 from GISR Foundation at New Delhi.   Best Physics Teacher of The year 2019 Awarded by Indian Education Award Organized by IIT Patna at New Delhi 
He has been appointed as The International Editorial Board member in 45 UGC approved Peer Reviewed, Scopus, Thomson’s Reuters International Journals .He guided 12 (physics) Projects, 3 MPhil (Physics) thesis, 10 MTECH Projects and 4 students on going Ph.D. under his Supervision. 120 students have published international paper in UGC approved Peer Reviewed, Thomson’s Reuters under his supervision.  .He served as members: Life Member Indian Science Congress Association, Member of Instrument Society of India (2003-2004), Life Member, Rajasthan Ganita Parishad, Rajasthan, Indian Physics Society Member, National Academy of Science, India Member, Indian Physics Society, Member, American Physics Society Member, ocean Future Society Member, National society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Member, International Association of Engineers (IAENG). Member, Arizona Science Center (Member 1461638)Member, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Member, Institute for engineering research and publication (IFERP) .  IEEE Member.   State Coordinator Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (Vigyan Prasar). State Coordinator (Space Development of Nexus).  
He  was  also appointed as examiner of various Universities and colleges : Rajasthan Technical university Kota, Mohan lal Sukhadiya university Udaipur, University of Kota, Gyan vihar University Jaipur, Poornima University Jaipur, Board of Secondary Education Ajmer ,vanasthali University ,Niwai ,Jaipur National University , University of Rajasthan 


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