HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.

International Conference on

Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

March 22-24, 2021 | Valencia, Spain


Speaker for Materials 2021 - David White
Dave White
Climate Change Truth Inc, USA

Title: Discovery: Reduction in photosynthesis correlation to carbon dioxide increase

Committee for Materials Science Conference-Carl Boehlert
Carl Boehlert
Michigan State University, USA

Title: High-Pressure torsion processing of Zn-3Mg alloy and its hybrid counterpart:  A comparative study

Committee for Materials Science Conference-Prof. Henning Zoz
Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz
CEO & President of Zoz Group, Germany

Title: Non-Religious Clean- Green- & Hightech in advanced materials & nanostructures - from solid-state Hydrogen storage to Titanium ODS - make more with less

Committee for Materials Science Conference-Trochu Francois
Trochu Francois
Research Center for High Performance Polymer and Composite Systems, Canada

Title: Creation of Material twin geometric Models of continuous Fiber composites based on X Ray Microtomography

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Fouad Erchiqui
University of Quebec in Abitibi, Canada

Title: Hybrid enthalpy method for finite element thermal analysis of multi-materials involving multi-orientations of the thermal conductivity tensor.

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Orlando Vaselli
Orlando Vaselli
ELTE University, Italy

Title: Remediation activities in the former mercury mine of Abbadia San Salvatore (Tuscany, central Italy)

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Eric Buhler
Eric Buhler
The University of Paris, France

Title: Integration of molecular machines and motors into supramolecular materials: structural properties studied by small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Aleksandr Fomin
Aleksandr Fomin
Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Saratov, Russia

Title: A Combined "Tool Steel-Base – (Zr, ZrC)-Coating "Structure and Its Production by Electrospark Alloying with Subsequent Carburization

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Marek Godlewski
Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Title: Thin films of oxides by Atomic Layer Deposition – New applications

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Justyna Zygmuntowicz
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Title: Fabrication of Al2O3-Cu-Mo composites by centrifugal slip casting method

Speaker for Materials 2020 Conference-Waldemar Swiderski
Waldemar Swiderski
Military Institute of Armament Technology, Poland

Title: Detection of defects in CFRP composites by Optical Thermography methods

Materials 2021 Conference-Nazli Ozdemir
Nazli Ozdemir
Sartorius Stedim Biotech, United Kingdom

Title: Failure analysis of single use devices through materials characterisation

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Noora Al-Qahtani
Qatar University and Imperial College London, UK

Title: Understanding the scales formation Inhibition mechanism on C-Steel in a sour media

Potential speaker for Materials 2021- Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Energy Research Institute(ERI), UK

Title: Low Energy Buildings Design and Human Comfort Solutions 

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Anchal Nahata
Anchal Nahata
Bits Pilani Dubai Campus, United Arab Emirates

Title: Extrusion, Microstructure and Mechanical Characterization of a New Magnesium based Multicomponent Alloy

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Maryam Alejji
Center for Advanced Material (CAM) Qatar University, Qatar

Title: Investigated the behaviour of Engineering nanoparticle materials during the anaerobic digestion

Speaker for Materials 2021 - Liangge Xu
Liangge Xu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Title: Reaction mode-controlled Crystal Structures and properties of infrareds transparent conductive SnO2 films

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Tzong-Yuan Juang
Tzong-Yuan Juang
Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University, Taiwan

Title: Preparation and bio-medical application of highly photoluminescent carbon nanodots derived from carbonized bamboo

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Leticia P. R. de Moraes
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: The effect of a 2D gadolinium-doped cerium oxide (CGO) barrier layer on the performance of LSCF/YSZ in IT-SOFCs

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Norman Toro Villarroel
Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile

Title: Novel process to dissolve copper from chalcopyrite with the use of manganese nodules and wastewater

Materials 2021 Conference speaker-Mohamed Oubaaqa
Mohamed Oubaaqa
Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

Title: Evaluation of ecofriendly compounds performance as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in molar hydrochloric acid: Electrochemical study and theoretical approach

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Nouha Siragi
University of Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco

Title: Synthesis and characterization of copper-doped forsterite as new blue ceramic pigments

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Mohamed Barbouche
Mohamed Barbouche
Research and Technologies Center of Energy (CRTEn), Tunisia

Title: Synthesis, purification and synthesis of silicon carbide for photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Mohamed Abdelaziz
Mohamed Abdelaziz
French University in Egypt, Egypt

Title: Mechanical behavior of transition metals-containing Al-Si-Cu-Mg cast alloy subjected to prolonged thermal exposure

Materials 2021 Conference-Amin El Adawy
Amin El Adawy
Faculty of Science, Menoufia University, Egypt

Title: Quantitative Analysis of the Thermal Properties of TeO2-Nb2O5-TiO2 Glasses

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Abdelaziz
University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria

Title: Microstructural behavior of a deposit Ni60 / stainless steel obtained by Plasma Transferred Arc during cyclical aging at high temperatures

Committee for Materials Science Conference
Sumit Kumar Gupta
Parishkar College of Global Excellence, Jaipur, India

Title: Study of YBCO phase diagrams

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Ashish Kumar
Lovely Professional University, India

Title: Computational, Thermodynamic and Experimental Studies on Acid   corrosion Inhibition of Aluminium by Acarbose

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Arman Ai
Arman Ai
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Characterization of 58S bioactive glass based scaffold with Kaempferol?containing Zein coating for bone tissue engineering

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Desta
University of the Free State, Harrismith, South Africa

Title: Effect of doping Dy3+ on the structural and photoluminescence properties of Ba1. 3Ca0.7SiO4: Dy3+ phosphors for white lighting applications

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Peter Kessels Dadzie
Interior Design and Materials Technology Dept., Kumasi Technical University, Ghana

Title:  The worth of tropical hardwood branchwood as supplementary material to its stemwood for wood products manufacturing

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Shehla Honey
Shehla Honey
Department of Physics, University of Okara, Pakistan

Title: Carbon Ions Irradiation-Induced Changes in Optical Transparency and Electrical Conductivity of Nickel Nanowires Mesh

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Jamil Asim
Jamil Asim
University of Okara, Okara, Pakistan

Title: Analysis of profile of ions irradiation-induced damage in nickel nanowires done by SRIM computer simulation technique


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