Nutrition 2021

Sandra Poirier

Speaker at International Nutrition Research Conference 2021 - Sandra Poirier
Middle Tennessee State University, United States
Title : Global Nutrition: Challenges and Solutions


Food insecurity is a global issue with significant effects on human health. However, while many efforts have been made in addressing hunger and improving health, continued progress is still necessary at many levels. This presentation explores how, in today’s connected global societies, solving social problems is becoming a multidisciplinary exercise that challenges businesses, governments, philanthropists, individuals and social enterprises to think holistically about their role and their relation to others—not as competitors but as collaborators serving as many stakeholders as possible. A Food Security Solutions Prioritization Process will be introduced as one of the key concepts. This is a four-step process created by the American Dietetic Association Foundation where work is guided by an advisory panel of diverse stakeholders from within the community.  Step 1 involves identifying unmet needs; Step 2 suggest solutions; and Step 3 focuses on estimating values for each solution. The last Step 4 is a consensus-driven step, that uses the information from the other three steps to prioritize the suggested solutions. Handouts will be provided to all participants.


Dr. Sandra Poirier has been employed at Middle Tennessee State University, USA, since 2005 as a Professor of Nutrition and Food Science.  She has more than 15 years of international teaching experience working in culturally diverse environments.  Her strengths include creating innovative educational programs with a focus on food and culture, identifying appropriate outreach efforts to solve community problems, and empowering students for successful careers.  She has been recognized for her ability to create and teach online courses, work as an advisor for student organizations, and creating positive educational environments for optimal learning. She has published over 40 journal articles and been invited to speak in Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Australia, Greece and the Andros Islands in the Caribbean.