Nutrition 2021

Andrea Vania

Speaker at International Nutrition Research Conference 2021 - Andrea Vania
Centre for Paediatric Dietetics and Nutrition, Italy
Title : Obesity prevention in infancy, childhood and adolescence


Effective prevention of obesity already during infancy, and again in childhood and even through adolescence will positively contrast adult obesity, and reduce the weight of obesity’s complications.

Preventive interventions have been usually focused on reinforcing the single individual to resist to the obesogenic environment, but in spite of the efforts this approach has not caused positive long term results.

Preventive strategies at national, community, and individual levels, need instead to involve all the stakeholders, using different strategies according to the target groups and the settings (home, school, working place), and using different approaches (education, economic incentives or sanctions, etc.).

Clear and realistic objectives have to be chosen to assess outcomes and each action has to be adapted to the local situation and evaluated in term of cost-health gain. In a multifaceted strategy, preventive actions can be organized as a “financial portfolio”, blending a mix of interventions with high and low cost that can cause low or high impact on the whole population and single individuals.


Prof. Dr. Vania studied Medicine at the Sapienza University of Rome, graduated as MD in 1982 and post-graduated in Paediatrics at the same University in 1986. Both grades were achieved cum laude. Has been working for the Sapienza University, in the Dept. of Paediatrics since 1988, achieving the role of Confirmed Researcher / Aggregate Professor. He teaches Paediatrics and Paediatric Nutrition in several pre- and post-graduation courses. Former President of APEE and ECOG, actively involved in scientific boards of several Scientific Societies. His bibliography largely exceeds 500 items. Main interest’s fields: paediatrics, child nutrition, adolescentology, obesity.