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S.A. Okunsebor

S.A. Okunsebor
Nasarawa State University, Nigeria
Title : Mass Production of Live food (Moina miscrura) in fish culture Medium and its utilization for growth and survival rate by Clarias gariepinus fry


Moina miscrura is one of live food in the wild but the use of live fish culture medium techniques to enhance its mass production is scarce in literature. This study investigated mass production of live food (Moina miscrura) in fish culture mediun and its utilization for growth and survival rate by Hetrobranchus bidorsalis fry in Lafia. Four culture media: 5 Heterobrachus bidorsalis in water culture medium (Hbwcm), 5 Clarias gariepinus in water culture medium (Cgwcm), 5 Oreochromis niloticus in water culture medium (Onwcm) and Freshwater culture medium (Fwcm, control) were used in outdoor concrete tanks (1.0 x 1.0 x 1.2 m) in three replicates. The fish were fed two times daily with Vital Fish Feed at 3% body weight/day. The isolated mono specific culture of Moina miscrura (50 individual/L of water) were added to each treatment tank monitored for 21 days. In the study of the utilization of the produced Moina miscrura, 100 fry of Clarias gariepinus (four days old) were placed in three different nursey tanks fed with three different fry feeds: Artemia shell free (ASF), Coppens (COP) and Produced Moina miscrura (PMM) as treatment in three replicates. The PMM were washed with water, filtered in 50-micron sieve and fed to fry in PMM treatment tanks while other were fed with (ASF) and (COP) in their respective tanks for 14 days.  Data collected were statistically tested at 5%   level of significance. Results shown that Hbcm significantly had the highest population density (98,657 Moina miscrura /L of water), while the lowest (24.000 Moina miscrura /L of water) were from the control (Fwcm). Results revealed that percentage mean weight gain was highest (816 ± 5%,) in fry fed live zooplankton (PMM) but the survival rate was not significantly different (P< 0.05) from each other. H. bidorsalis culture medium is recommended for mass production of Moina micrura to boost fish fry for sustainable fish production


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