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Debabrata Biswas

Scientific Board Member for Nutrition conferences - Debabrata Biswas
Debabrata Biswas
University of Maryland,USA


Dr. Debabrata Biswas, Associate Professor, Foodborne Bacterial Infections and Prevention, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

As a bacteriologist, Dr. Biswas has committed to develop crosscutting research programs for targeting mechanism of colonization of various zoonotic bacterial pathogens in animal reservoirs and preventive measure of those bacterial infections in human gut. He investigates the role of natural products in control of colonization of zoonotic/foodborne bacterial pathogens in animal guts and mechanisms of their antimicrobial activity/survival ability in the presence of synthetic antibiotics and/or natural antimicrobial components. Dr. Biswas’s team has also investigated the effective alternative and natural organic products such as a function bioactive plant extracts, pre-biotics, probiotics, its combination (synbitics) for alternative source of therapeutic and sub-therapeutic (growth promoter) components for organic and conventional farm animal production and stimulate the growth probiotic and the production of its bioactive byproducts by genetically engineered beneficial bacteria.

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