ELOS 2022

Somia Abd Elmottaleb

Somia Abd Elmottaleb, Speaker at Optics conferences
Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology, Egypt
Title : Combining OAM beams with SAC-OCDMA in free space optics communications for capacity enhancement


Four orbital angular momentum (OAM) beams, each carrying three independent channels with a 10 Gbps data rate, are combined with the spectral amplitude coded (SAC)-optical code division multiplexing access (OCDMA) technique, forming a new system. Enhanced double weight (EDW) codes are employed for the SAC-OCDMA system. The system is applied to free space optics communications and its performance is studied under different weather conditions: clear air, rain, haze, and fog. The results are obtained through simulating the proposed model using Optisystem software. The obtained results reveal successful data transmission under various weather scenarios with an overall capacity of 120 Gbps.



Somia received B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering "Communications & Electronics" in 2010, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. She received her M.Sc. in Electronics & Communication Engineering in 2014 from College of Engineering & Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport. Recently, she received her PhD in Electrical Engineering "Communications & Electronics" in 2020, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. Her research interests is Optical communication.