ELOS 2022

Alemayehu Getahun

Alemayehu Getahun, Speaker at Photonics Conferences
Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia
Title : Quantum Nature of Surface Plasmon Resonance for Optical Biosensor Applications



Abstract: This work deals with the interaction of the strong field with metallic nanoparticles in which metallic nanoparticles are arranged in different geometry on metallic surfaces. This interaction creates an electric field from which the dynamics of a system is driven through the Hamiltonian of the system. All theoretical description of the system under consideration is studied to quantify the optical and quantum nature of light. The computational model of system is simulated by COMSOL Multiphysics and VESTA software, MATLAB is used for result quantifications. From result we can address how to construct optical biosensors from light-matter interaction and use optical biosensors for medical purposes.




  • Classical model of light-matter interaction.
  • Quantum Model of light-matter interaction.
  • Construction of Optical biosensor.
  • Quantum interpretation of the biological system.
  • Application of Optical biosensors for cancer cell treatment.



Mr.  Alemayehu Getahun studied Applied physics at the Debre Birhan University, Ethiopia, and graduated with a BSc in 2015. He then joined Hawassa University, Ethiopia he received his MSc degree in Quantum Optics by 2018. After two years of lecturing undergraduate students at Mekdela Amba University, Ethiopia he joins Adama Science and Technology University to study Laser Spectroscopy at a Ph.D. level under the supervision of Dr. Abebe Belay. He has published 4 research articles in SCI(E) journals.