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Honorable speaker at optics 2020 - Warwick Bowen
Warwick Bowen
University of Queensland, Australia

Title: Optomechanical sensing, from quantum vortices to precision biophysics

Honorable speaker at optics conferences - Andrea Cusano
Andrea Cusano
University of Sannio, Italy

Title: Lab on fiber Technology Optrodes as valuable theranostic tools for precision medicine

Potential speakers for Lasers conferences 2020 - Rui M. Almeida
Rui M. Almeida
Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal

Title: Photonic crystal-assisted frequency conversion sol-gel coatings for energy applications

Speaker for Optics events 2020 -  Lars Helge Thylen
Lars Helge Thylen
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Title: Nanophotonics, Nanoelectronics and Concomitant Materials: Requirements in a Changing Scientific and Technological Landscape

Honorable speaker at laser conference 2020 - Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri
Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri
The University of Calabria, Italy

Title: To Be Announced....

Honorable speaker at ELOS 2020 -  Luis Abad
Luis Abad
Ballsbridge University, Argentina

Title: EPR transplantation in patients with macular scar

Leading speakers for Lasers summits – Koichi Shimizu
Koichi Shimizu
Waseda University, Japan

Title: Functional transillumination imaging of animal body using NIR light scattering 

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
Athens Institute for Education & Research, Greece

Title: Nonlocality at nanoscales systems

Honorable speaker at opticsEvent - Manuel Filipe Pereira Cunha Martins Costa
Manuel Filipe Pereira Cunha Martins Costa
Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Title: Photocatalysis for environmentally enhanced asphalt pavements

Honorable speaker at ELOS 2020 - George STANCIU
George Stanciu
University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania

Title: Label free imaging by using a multimodal microscopy system

Honorable speaker at lasers 2020 - Xiangping Li 
Xiangping Li 
Jinan University, China

Title: High-dimensional optical data storage by tightly focused vector beams

Leading speakers for Photonics summits - Adriana Lipovac
Adriana Lipovac
University of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Title: Practical Enhancement of Fiber Installation and Maintenance Test Tools - Example of Extending OTDR Distance Range by Optical Preamplifier

Leading speakers for Photonics meetings 2020 - Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar
University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Title: Desirable control of optical frequency comb subjected to optical perturbation

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Brij N. Agrawal
Brij N. Agrawal
Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, USA

Title: Design concepts of large apertures for future imaging satellites

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 – Nikolay Gippius
Nikolay Gippius
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia 

Title: To Be Announced....

Honorable speaker at ELOS 2020-Masahiko Kondow
Masahiko Kondow
Osaka University, Japan

Title: Circular defect in photonic crystal (CirD) laser for Intra-chip optical interconnects

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Zhyrair S.Gevorkian
Zhyrair S.Gevorkian
Alikhanian National Laboratory, Armenia

Title: Extended symmetries in geometrical optics

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020-Almas Sadreev
Almas Sadreev
L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics, Russia

Title: Engineering of the extremely high Q factor in two subwavelength dielectric disks

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020-Nikolai Korneev
Nikolai Korneev
INAOE, Mexico

Title: Breakup of smooth multisoliton pulses:solitons and instabilities               

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Andriy Shevchenko
Andriy Shevchenko
Aalto University, Finland

Title: Aberration-insensitive interferometric microscopy

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020-Yuri B. Ovchinnikov
Yuri B. Ovchinnikov
National Physical Laboratory, UK

Title: Towards all-optical atom chips based on optical waveguides

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Eugene Ya. Glushko
Eugene Ya. Glushko
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Ukraine

Title: From IR to THz: Sharp resonant quenching of electromagnetic field in metalized photonic crystals

Honorable speaker at optics 2020-Wenbo Zhang
Wenbo Zhang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Title: Computer vision aided monitoring in optical networks

Honorable speaker at lasers 2020-Jose M. Escalante
Jose M. Escalante
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Title: Non-linear effects on light group velocity in photonic crystal

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Oleg V. Gradov
Oleg V. Gradov
Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia

Title: Multiple projection laser microscopy on a chip in the ulbricht integrating sphere (MPLM-UIS)

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Zhigang Zang
Zhigang Zang
Chongqing University, China

Title: Critical role of interface contact modulation in realizing low-temperature fabrication of efficient and stable CsPbIBr2 perovskite solar cells

Honorable speaker at optics conferences 2020 - yair lampl
Yair Lampl
University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Title: The effect of low level laser technique in stroke and neuro-degenerative diseases

Honorable speaker at ELOS 2020 - Ulugbek Tovfikovich Ashrapov
Ulugbek Tovfikovich Ashrapov
The Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academy Sciences, Uzbekistan

Title: Study of the influence of natural radionuclides on Operation of radioisotope level gauge in process of gas refining

Honorable speaker at Optics Conferences 2020 - Huang Ligang
Huang Ligang
Chongqing University, China

Title: Dynamic parameter measurement of ultra-narrow-linewidth lasers

Honorable speaker at lasers 2020-Sebnem Garip Ustaoglu
Sebnem Garip Ustaoglu
Altinbas University, Turkey

Title: Biomedical applications of fourier transform infrared (FTIR) imaging in various types of tissues

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020-Run Long
Run Long
Beijing Normal University, China

Title: Photoexcitation dynamics in perovskite solar cells

Honorable speaker at optics conferences - Abdelkader Boulezhar
Abdelkader Boulezhar
Faculty of Sciences Ain chock, Morocco

Title: Erbium doped fiber amplifier for Space and Wavelength Multiplexing systems

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Bennacer Hamza
Bennacer Hamza
University of M’sila, Algeria

Title: Optical properties of BeXP2 (X=Si, Ge, Sn) - lattice matched with silicon for solar cells applications: First-principles study via mBJLDA approach

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Rabah Moussa
Rabah Moussa
University of Ziane Achour of Djelfa, Algeria

Title: Optoelectronic properties of the zinc-blende Ga1-xAlxAsy-1Py quaternary alloy for the laser applications via ab-initio study

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Sergey Zinovyev
Sergey Zinovyev
Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology, Russia

Title: New method of rapid control of the effectiveness of malignancies therapy-functional microwave thermography

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Ayadi Khaled
Ayadi Khaled
Institute of Optics, Algeria

Title: Morphological characterization of particles bythe intensity and polarization of the scattered radiation

Honorable speaker at photonics 2020 - Abigail Phori
Abigail Phori
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Title: Nanostructured 2D Ti3C2/NiO composite material as an electrode for supercapacitor applications

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