Sofiia Karchugina, Speaker at Drug Delivery Conferences 2023
Sofiia Karchugina
Fox Chase Cancer Center, United States


I obtained my MD degree in Medical University in Moscow in 2018 and continued my research in Jonathan ChernoffÂ’s lab at Fox Chace Cancer Center in Philadelphia. I have devoted my research to understanding how cells receive and interpret signals, and how this process is corrupted in cancer. In particular, I have focused on the regulation of signal transduction by phosphorylation. Last three years I have been focusing on in vivo and in vitro studies of potential drugs. I am currently testing very promising small molecule drug for targeted therapy of Neurofibromatosis type two, which has been synthetized based on Novartis compound. The most important part of this study is our elaboration on structural basis of the drug selectivity. To determine the source of selectivity of this drug by prediction of the amino acids involved in drug–target interaction we used all cutting-edge techniques such as Alpha Fold 2, Rosetta, Swiss model and SMILES.