Key note speaker-PHARMA 2020
Giulio Tarro
Foundation T. & L. de Beaumont Bonelli for cancer research, Italy

Title: Tumor liberated protein (TLP) as potential vaccine for non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients

Key note speaker-PHARMA 2020
Wei Li
Wei Li University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA

Title: Discovery and targeted delivery of novel tubulin inhibitors for cancer therapy

Key note speaker-PHARMA 2020
Tetsuji Yamada
Rutgers University, USA

Title: To be updated soon...  

Key note speaker-PHARMA 2020
Romana Zelko
Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary

Title: Microstructure and function of nanofibrous drug delivery systems

Key note speaker-PHARMA 2020
Devika Chithrani
University of Victoria, Canada

Title: Cancer nanotechnology: Roadmap to clinical translation of gold mediated therapeutics

Key note speaker-PHARMA 2020
Anna Takacsi
Nagy Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Bio pharmacy, Hungary

Title: Stability of Semisolid Extemporaneous Topical Formulations of Cocoa Butter

Speaker for Pharma 2020 -  Mariangela  Lupo
Mariangela Lupo
TEDDY Network of Excellence,Italy

Title: EPTRI –European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure: drawing the way of the future of the paediatric research in pharmacology and formulation science

Speaker for Pharma 2020- Caprifico Anna
Caprifico Anna
Kingston University,UK

Title: Smart nano-capsules for targeted anti-cancer drug delivery

Speaker for Pharma 2020-Ranjita  Shegokar
Ranjita Shegokar
Capnomed GmbH,Germany

Title:  Cancer: is there any hope? 

Speaker for Pharma 2020-Liyu Zhang
Liyu Zhang
Shaanxi Institute of Pediatric Diseases , Xi'an Children's Hospital ,China

Title: Novel CD123-aptamer-originated targeted drug trains for selectively delivering cytotoxic agent to tumor cells in acute myeloid leukemia theranostics

Speaker for Pharma 2020-Mrs. Rezvan Jamaledin
Mrs. Rezvan Jamaledin
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

Title: Controlled release of bacteriophage from PLGA microparticles delivered by microneedle patches to induce innate and adaptive immune system

Speaker for Pharma 2020-Mr. Ysrafil, S.Farm
Mr. Ysrafil, S.Farm
Universitas Gadjah Mada ,Indonesia

Title: Chitosan nanoparticle mediated delivery Agomir Hsa-miR-155-5p and deminishes Ovarian cancer growth

Oral Presentation for Pharma 2020
Susbin raj Wagle
Curtin University, Australia

Title:  To be updated soon...  

Oral Presentation for Pharma 2020- Sultan Ayesh Mohammed Saghir
Sultan Ayesh Mohammed Saghir
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma`an, Jordan

Title:  To be updated soon...