International Precision Medicine Conference

April 19-21, 2021 | Orlando, USA

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April 19-21, 2021 | Orlando, USA

Tae Hwan Cho

International Precision Medicine Conference- Tae Hwan Cho
Tae Hwan Cho
Cho Orthopaedic Clinic, South Korea
Title : Therapeutic application of personalised acupuncture point injection therapy with placental extract


Human placental extract has been used to treat fatigue, post-menopausal symptoms, wound-healing, and growth retardation in Korea. Combined with acupuncture therapy, placental extract extends its therapeutic limit to pain control. Our previous studies demonstrated that acupuncture point injection (API) with placental extract modulated inflammation-involving pain symptoms in chronic pain diseases. Placental extract was injected into acupuncture points localized on the joints, surrounding muscles acting in concert with the joints, and paravertebral muscles affecting the innervation of the joints. Customized API therapy with placental extract is attained by choosing a peculiar composite of acupuncture points depending on which regions the patients feel pain and what other clinical symptoms patients individually experience. Here, we describe the theory of customized API with placental extract and its therapeutic application for treating joint diseases.

Audience Take Away:

  • Our presentation is conducted by Dr. Tae Hwan Cho and me. In the first half, I will present a theoretical background of personalized API therapy with placental extract. In the rest half, Dr. Tae Hwan Cho will express the actual skill of the therapy.
  • The therapeutic effect of API therapy with placental extract for pain diseases is noticeable in pain relief and joint mobilization without adverse side effects.
  • The practical demonstration of API therapy with placental extract will provide a good opportunity for audience to learn the therapy skill on the spot.


Dr. Tae Hwan Cho is a vice president of Korean association of integrative medicine and a regular member of Korean orthopaedic association. He graduated medical doctorate course of Chosun medical school on 1980 and also got oriental doctorate license on 2013 in Korea. He and Dr. Kyeong Mee Park have researched on API therapy and the result has been published internationally.