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April 19-21, 2021 | Orlando, USA

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April 19-21, 2021 | Orlando, USA

Eda Alemdar

International Precision Medicine Conference- Eda Alemdar
Eda Alemdar
University of Goce Delcev, Macedonia
Title : Treat of the blood is to the treat of the cancer


Blood is the only substance that exists throughout the human body. Blood is a source of life that feeds whole body and organs to function. According to this, if the blood is healthy; the whole body will be healthy. The aim of this article is to emphasize that blood is the most precursor substance that made a human healthy. At the same time, with drawing attention to the obligation that blood must be healthy, in the case of blood degeneration or loss its features, it is emphasizing carefully that whole body health will fail.

Method: Examination of classical medical data and modern medical researches related to blood, an eclectic approach has been introduced which will fail human health with degeneration of blood. Moreover, treatment methods for solving the mentioned problems have been revealed in this study either.

Result: It emphasized that the treatment of all the illnesses in the body, caused by degenerated blood, is possible by curing the blood. Because many diseases in the human body are caused by the degeneration of the blood. Cancer is also this kind of disease, and its treatment can only be understood by us, by means of blood treatment.

Conclusion: With the degeneration of the blood, the whole body goes bad and diseases emerge. The treatment of this is to ensure that the degenerated blood is expurged and that the body can produce its own blood in a healthy manner.


Dr. Eda ALEMDAR was born in Erzurum-Turkey. Graduated from Erzurum High School. She started her university education at Selçuk University, Faculty of Science in Turkey, and she continued her studies and researches at University of Goce Delcev, Faculty of Medicine in Macedonia. She has two international patents in medicine. She has two inventions, one for cataract treatment and the other one for sinusitis treatment.
She was involved in several international projects. These projects are about biological clock & biological rhythm and diseases related to environment. and involved in some research projects focused on the relationship between blood and health.
According to these projects, blood is considered as the cause of large-scale diseases. When blood is clean and natural, many diseases can be cured, including cancer.She continues her studies and researches in collaboration with some universities and hospitals in Turkey.