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2nd Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference

April 21-23, 2022

April 21 -23, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
2022 Speakers

NanoCelle® - A Unique Delivery Platform to Enhance Medicine

Sean Hall, Speaker at Speaker for Precision Medicine Conferences 2022: Sean Hall
Medlab Clinical LTD, Australia
Title : NanoCelle® - A Unique Delivery Platform to Enhance Medicine


Personalised medicine is predicated on being able to deliver a standard of care that is tailored and unique to each individual patient. This may include medications delivered via oral, rectal and/or parenteral means – but in all cases potentiates a poly-pharmacy approach that presents heighten risk to the patient.
The concept from a wholistic, patient centred approach should be one of, least amount of drug substances, in the least number of medications, coupled with realistic and achievable lifestyle changes to deliver a maximum efficacious result.

To this, delivery platforms for the past decade have been heralded as a potential way to reduce the poly-pharmacy risk simply by reducing the amount of a particular drug substance. Evidence has historically demonstrated various and sometimes significant down-falls of delivery platforms, including but not limited to, heightened toxicology, and/or increase financial burdens associated with the manufacturing of a medication.

NanoCelle® is a patented, unique delivery platform addressing toxicology, manufacturing scalability and solubility issues associated with most drug substances used in today’s medicines, resulting in a reduced drug substance requirement and increased overall patient compliance models.

The presentation will highlight advancements in nanotechnology in the production of medicines with reduced side effect profiles in small molecules looking at both in vitro and in vivo models conducted under Australian research initiatives. Further, this presentation will foster an argument that the sub-micron work offered today in small molecules is as pertinent for use in large molecules with ideology surrounding rethinking parenteral administration in the near future.


Dr Sean Hall founded Medlab in August 2012. Sean has over 20 years’ experience in nutraceutical sales and development, as well as early drug discovery in Australia, Asia and the US. Sean has led and inspired his teams to author multiple patents, write peer reviewed articles and deliver lectures at global scientific conferences. His passion is leading his researchers into novel areas and strong commercialisation opportunities. Sean is also an active member of Medicines Australia, AusBiotech, American Federation of Medical Research (AFMR), The American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M), World Medical Associated (WMA), Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA), and a Board Member of the International Probiotics Association (IPA).