International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

September 20-21, 2021 | Online event

September 20-21, 2021 | Online event

Jialun Li

Speaker for Tissue Engineering Conference 2021-Jialun Li
Jialun Li
Mayo Clinic, USA
Title : A novel off-the-shelf therapy for full-thickness skin regeneration in an ischemic rabbit ear model


Skin is important as it provides a barrier to infection, prevents dehydration, and protects underlying soft tissue. Currently, there are very limited options to successfully treat full thickness skin defects from blasts, burns, and chronic wounds as a result of diabetic complication. Treatment options include skin grafts or skin flaps which cannot fully restore the skin function and integrity. Although, numerous strategies have been proposed to assist in chronic and traumatic wound healing, including growth factor delivery, the results are still in debate. Most recently, cell-based therapies have been investigated as a potential modality for the treatment of chronic wounds; however, standard guidelines for the use of cellular therapy in chronic wound healing have not been established. Furthermore, barriers to the use of stem cells hinder clinical application in terms of FDA regulation, cost, and potential risk of adverse effects. To address this unmet need in regenerative medicine, we have combined a novel exosome-based cell-free biomaterial, purified exosomal product (PEP) with an FDA-approved fibrin sealant – Tisseel. Exosomes are a class of extracellular vesicles that range from 40–120 nm in size. They contain bioactive cargos, including small non-coding RNA, surface receptors, free fatty acids, and proteins. Increasing evidence has demonstrated regenerative effects for neural, myocardial, hepatic, renal, cutaneous, skeletal, and chondral tissues.(references attached at the end)  In this study, using a well-established ischemic rabbit ear model (rabbit ear references), we evaluated the skin regenerative benefits of PEP with Tisseel on ischemic wound beds.


  • Dr.Li  is a postdoctoral research fellow in division of plastics Surgery, Mayo Clinic. His main research interest is promoting complex wound healing or skin regeneration via tissue engineering strategies.
  • Dr. Li received his medical degree, residency and fellowship training from Tongji Medical College,HUST,China. During his clinical training, he visited CNAFS, University of Queensland, Australia, and study on glycogen structure change in diabetics. In the past 5 years, he published papers on top journals including Theranostics, Wound Repair and Regeneration, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Carbohydrate Polymers, Biomacromolecule, etc