ICOR 2016

Christian Ntizimira

Christian Ntizimira, Speaker at  Cancer Congress
Christian Ntizimira
Rwanda Palliative Care & Hospice Organisation (RPCHO), Rwanda


Dr. Christian Ntizimira is the Head of Advocacy &Research department of Rwanda Palliative Care and Hospice Organisation work with Rwanda Ministry of Health and Consultant in Palliative Care for Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Senegal. A Palliative Care Expert and Educator, Dr. Ntizimira pioneered integration of end of life care into health services rendered to Rwandan patients with chronic illnesses in acute care and community settings. Dr. Ntizimira is a Research collaborator & member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative - Lancet Commission on Global Access to Pain Control and Palliative Care (GAPPCP).