ICC 2021

Dellasie Aning

Dellasie Aning, Speaker at  Cancer Congress
Dellasie Aning
Panalove LLC, Ghana


Dellasie Aning is a humanitarian, e-commerce business owner, recording artist and public speaker. Her expertise in public speaking lies in her philanthropy work, advocacy, and strides to create a healthier, sustainable world for the future. She is an alumna of Emory University with a degree in political science and marketing. Her passion and determination for women’s health is rooted in her own personal connection to cancer. Her aunt died of melanoma in Ghana when Dellasie was only 12 years old. Her parents are both cancer survivors (with her father having beat prostate cancer and her mom beating cervical cancer). Over the past 5 years, Dellasie has been extremely driven and determined to combat this issue through her art, her mentorship, passionate speaking engagements and fundraising work on the ground. IN 2018 she established PANALOVE, LLC – a platform to support her initiatives, brand and business through her collaborations and social activations around the world. Her passion and tenacity is unparalleled.