ICC 2019

Ramzi M Mohammad

Ramzi M Mohammad, Speaker at Cancer Congress
Ramzi M Mohammad
Wayne State University, United States


As a Director of GI-Cancer Research and Scientific Member of the Molecular Therapeutics Program at the Oncology Department, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University with a track-record of cancer research for more than 34 years. I am one of the pioneers in developing animal models such as the Orthotopic Pancreatic Cancer animal model in 1990’s and the establishment of several unique cancer cell lines such as WSU-DLCL, WSUBL, WSU-NHL, WSU-FSCCL, WSU-WM, KCI-Pan, WSU-AML and more. I have published over 190 original scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, review articles and book chapters (PubMed shows 146 articles under Mohammad RM and 190 under Mohammad R). I have been continuously and for 34 years funded by NCI, NIH and pharmaceutical companies and I have directed NIH funded research effectively. I have trained 52 pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students, and contributed to the research and education mission of the Cancer Center. I have taught second medical students’ immunology, bacteriology and virology for the last 27 years at WSU Medical School-Department of Immunology and Microbiology. I have extensive experience in physiology, cancer biology, animal models including Pancreatic Cancer, Colon Cancer, Sarcoma and NHL (xenografts and transgenic models), tissue culture and statistical analysis. My current research interest is focused on drug discovery. Utilizing my established cell lines and animal models, I study the effects of new anticancer agents, marine products as well as standard chemotherapeutic drugs. My research is translational in nature and through my close work with clinicians I was able to introduce several experimental drugs into the clinic among which include Bryostatin-1, Aurastatin-PE & PYE, Dolastatin-10 & 15 and Cambertastatin-4 and small molecule inhibitors such as AT-101 (gossypol), Bcl2/BclX, MDM2, Bcl2-DNAi and CRM1.