ICC 2019

Yi Li

Yi Li, Speaker at Cancer Congress
Yi Li
XiangXue Life Sciences Research Centre, XiangXue Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China


Yi Li Ph.D., Principal Investigator at GIBH (Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences), CSO at XLifeSc (Guangdong Xiangxue Life Sciences, Ltd.). Dr. Li gained his PhD in Antibody Engineering at the University of Leicester, UK in 1996. After a one-year post-doctor training in 1997, he had been a research scientist, department head and director for several companies, including Immunocore/Medigen/ Avidex, Biovation/Meck KgA and ADAS UK. In 2011, he has joined GIBH, and State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, and has been currently holding positions of Principal Investigator.