4th Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 13-15, 2023 | Online Event

Materials 2023

Elisabeth Djurado

Elisabeth Djurado, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Elisabeth Djurado
Grenoble INP-CNRS, France


Elisabeth Djurado is a Full Professor of Materials Science at University of Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble INP Phelma), France. She completed her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Blaise Pascal University at Clermont-Ferrand, France in 1988 in the domain of fluorides. Throughout her career, she was a Research Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, US (1989-1990) in the domain of superconductors. Her main research interests in LEPMI (Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials and Interfaces) Grenoble, France since 1990 include the elaboration and the structural/microstructural and electrochemical investigations of nanostructured ceramics and interfaces for solid-state ionic and especially for solid oxide cells at intermediate temperature. She has published about 127 papers in international peer-reviewed journals (H – Index 29, Web of Science) and she has directed 20 Ph.D. theses.