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Sajad Shahbazi, Speaker at Pharma Conferences
Sajad Shahbazi
Nencki institue of experimental biology, Poland


Dr. Sajad Shahbazi was awarded his Ph.D. in the field of Biotechnology from Panjab University, India (2018). He started his work as a Special GR and postdoctoral fellow at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology to investigate a novel technology and methodology to assay matrix metalloproteinase in the inflammatory process in the brain and its role in neuronal plasticity. During his scientific journey from his master's to his current scientific position, he has published various papers in several reputed journals. He has also been awarded several scientific rewards. The research interest of Dr. Sajad Shahbazi is to investigate drug-target interaction as well as a study of the genomics and proteomics leading to detect, design, and chemically or biologically synthesized druggable molecules for various neuronal disorders for further in vitro and in vivo studies. He is eager to investigate the immunomodulatory roles of phytochemicals and their semisynthetic or synthetic derivatives. Subsequently, validate their efficacies through various in vivo studies.