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2nd Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference

April 21-23, 2022

April 21 -23, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
2021 Speakers

Halalopathy: A precise medicine for precise patient

Jawad Alzeer, Speaker at
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Title : Halalopathy: A precise medicine for precise patient


Enormous advances in the human health system have been achieved, however, diseases like cancer still required treatment options beyond therapeutic drugs, mainly surgery, and radiation. Most of the newly approved drugs have limited added therapeutic value and designing a brand-new drug can take up to 10 years and cost billions of dollars. The challenging question is how to make the existing drugs more effective. One possibility, if the concept of cure is deepened and expanded to include all elements of disease. Human is not only made of cells, tissues, and organs, but feeling and sensations are part of his nature. Linking mental state with physical health is essential to include all elements of disease. For this purpose, halalopathy has been introduced as a new model to integrate mind, behavior, an health, where psychology, spirituality, and rationality can be integrated together to generate a well-organized, regulated and connected health system. Halalopathy is based on mind-trust-drug and mind-trust-belief, compatibility between drug and belief would intensify trust and initiate a domino chain effect to activate the placebo effect, lower body’s entropy and increase potential energy, favorable circumstances will be created to promote the healing process, and with a prescribed therapeutic drug, complete recovery can be achieved. The healing approach may well affect non-genetic changes that human genome experiences as a result of interaction with the environment. Halalopathy acts as a source of education and motivation for patients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adapting and enriching certain values to achieve more effective treatment. The concept promotes precise therapy and opens a new window for more effective treatment.


Dr. Alzeer has completed his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1995, from ETH The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Postdoctoral Studies from School of Pharmacy, Michigan University, USA. He is the Director of Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries and founder of Halalopathy. He has published more than 35 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as a director of Halalopathic research unit. Dr. Alzeer is a docent and senior scientist at Zurich University and his research is mainly involved in the synthesis of valuable compounds.