3rd Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference

April 24-26, 2023

April 24 -26, 2023 | Orlando, Florida, USA
2021 Speakers

Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly, Speaker at Precision Medicine Conferences
Opal Health, United States
Title : Precision Medicine in Chronic Disease


Precision Medicine in Chronic Disease – using genetics and personalized medical nutrition to activate underperforming mechanisms in disease. As of 2020 157 million Americans are living with at least 1 chronic condition, with 81 million having multiple chronic conditions. Concurrently it is understood that epigenetics partnered with genetics play a large part in this, with the epigenetic factors largely within our control. With the advent of inexpensive access to the genome and the increasing understanding of personalization in medicine, the time is ripe for creating a foundational, personalized approach to chronic disease. The inflammatory mechanisms that underlie all disease are understood – autophagy/mtor, oxidative stress response, NAD+pathways, etc. These pathways are genetically driven and combine to impact the cell danger response. These mechanisms are first-line factors and create the environment that surrounds our genetic predisposition to disease, as well as our epigenetic influences. Nutritional factors are in fact the prime movers of these mechanisms, suggesting that a patient’s ability to transform nutritional factors significantly impacts chronic disease avoidance and/or resolution. Targeting these mechanisms through personalized medical nutrition can positively impact pathway function an the foundation for chronic disease avoidance/resolution.


Laura Kelly practices integrative medicine on the West side of Los Angeles, combining Eastern and Western methodologies to create lasting good health. She is the author (along with her mother) of The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook which has been translated into several languages, and is the CEO of Opal Health, a company driven to help people understand and care for their own unique bodies.