ICOR 2016

Kofi Adesi Kyei

Kofi Adesi Kyei, Speaker at Cancer Conferences
University of Ghana, Ghana
Title : Assessment of anxiety and depression among breast cancer patients in Ghana


The feeling of fear, distress and uneasiness of an imminent endangerment is described as anxiety and in the setting of the proposed study, anxiety goes down to the principal feeling among patients undergoing various degree of cancer treatment. Depression is the level of symptoms which is manifested through tireless sensations of hopelessness, unhappiness, lack of concentration, lack of energy, and insomnia when news like cancer hits an individual. It has been established that every cancer patient in his or her cancer journey or at some point will experience some degree of anxiety and depression during their treatment course and this extend even unto their families. After diagnosis have been made, there comes the phase of the emotional shock and disbelief as part of their emotional characteristics followed by anxiety. Breast cancer according is one of the most feared diseases among women and it could induce the development of psychological disorders like anxiety and depression. Majority of breast cancer patients undergoing treatment at the study site are not comfortable with the trends in the treatment they receive and this has been followed with various degree of complains leading to an intensification in their level of anxiety and triggering much level of depression. Purpose: This study was directed to look out for frameworks of various interventions for depression and anxiety among breast cancer patients in Ghana. In doing this, a mixed method design was used to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. The qualitative data was primarily interview with selected working participants whiles the quantitative data was a non-probabilistic approach using a semi-structured questionnaire to assess the severity, the frequency, the quality of life, the remedy for anxiety and depression experienced by patients undergoing breast cancer treatment in Ghana.
Results: Results showed that breast cancer patients that come to the radiotherapy department at the Oncology Unit experienced levels anxiety and depression especially for their therapeutic services and the interviews with the team members confirmed. However, the reasons that underlay the anxiety and depression of breast cancer patients was experience an abnormal level of anxiety and depression based on the hospital anxiety and depression scale scoring.
Conclusion: It was concluded that anxiety and depression issues of cancer patients could be managed and curbed through a number of interventional approaches or factors. It could also be concluded that cancer patient’s that come for treatment goes some levels of anxiety and depression. It was also identified through the interviews that anxiety and depression problems and issues could be managed appropriately.