ICOR 2016

Jurgen Arnhold

Jurgen Arnhold, Speaker at Cancer Conferences
German Society for Urology, Germany
Title : Basics and clinical applications for photodynamic tumor treatment


Presentation will discuss the following concepts:
· Fundamentals of low level laser therapy
· Interstitial and intra-articular laser therapy
· Intravenous (systemic) laser therapy
· Photodynamic tumor therapy
· Medical effects of laser light & possibility of applications
· Indications in diseases
· Photodynamic tumor therapy and photosensitizer
· Experience in a clinic pilot trial with stage 4 cancer patients
· Curcumin – research basics in 30 years
· Pharmacokinetics of iv vs po / curcumin in rats
· Results of chemosensibility test in ctc
· Curcumin in combination with conventional chemotherapy.