ICOR 2016

Mustafa Pehlivan

Mustafa Pehlivan, Speaker at  Oncology Conferences
Cyprus International University, Cyprus
Title : Discovery of a new anti androgen compound


The purpose of this paper is to introduce a newly discovered anti androgen compound (pentabromo-dicyclohexane) which has a very high potential of being used as a medicine to treat prostate cancer and reduce the symptoms of cancer. The molecule has been discovered based on the Target predictor tool, Swiss, which is an online software used for drug discovery trials. It is evidenced in this paper why this compound will work better than any other drugs available to treat cancer based on statistical and enzymatic target binding activities.

Audience Takeaway:

Researchers will be able to initiate further research on the defined molecule to see the exact effects on cancer treatment. This discovery can be a nice research area for the scientific community. The discussed new drug molecule has a different enzalutamide activity unlike other anti androgen drugs in the market, and has never been commercially used, synthesized or made into the market. It will definitely help drug designer and developers. It is a micromolecule and synthesizing it should not be that difficult to initiate further research on it, and the Scientists will be excited to make research on this different drug molecule predicted to have activity against prostate cancer.


Mustafa Pehlivan was born in 1990 in Cyprus. He graduated from an English teaching high school college. In 2015, he graduated from the University Of Hertfordshire as a Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Health Science. Currently he is studying Pharmacy at Cyprus International University (Cyprus) and he will be soon completing his degree in Pharmacy also. He is currently holding an Internationally filed Pharmaceutical patent.