ICOR 2016

Madiha Rehman

Madiha Rehman, Speaker at Cancer Conferences
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Pakistan
Title : Expression of catenin and bcl 2 as prognostic determinants in different immune subsets of triple negative breast cancer in pakistani patients


Background: Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is generally associated with poor outcome, high rates of local recurrence and metastatic disease. Objective: To study the presentation, pathology and prognostic parameters in triple negative breast cancer
Patient and methods: 100 cases of breast carcinoma cases were selected who were negative for ER, PR & HER2-neu on immunohistochemistry from 2015 to 2016 at CMH, AFIP Rawalpindi. Clinicopathological characteristics were noted. Further analysis was performed by using antibodies against CD4, CD8, β-catenin and bcl-2. CD 4+ & CD 8+ TILs were calculated in 10 stromal areas on HPF (high power field) and their percentages were categorized into 3 tier model (TILs60%=3) as per Saldago criteria 2014. The intensity of membranous Bcl-2 and β- catenin was scored as 3 (strong), 2 (moderate), 1 (weak) or 0 (no staining). A score of ≤2 was regarded as reduced expression.
Results: Out of 100 patients, low immune subset of TNBC with high expression of bcl-2 and β-catenin were directly correlated with positive axillary lymph node status and high stage of the patient (p<0.05).
Conclusions: Bcl-2 and β-catenin expression provides discriminative prognostic power in different immune subsets of TNBC, thus reinforcing the important role of immune cells and cell adhesion molecules in the process of tumor metastasis.


Madiha Rehman, graduated from medical school in 2001. House job 2002. Worked as junior pathologist till 2008. Certified as M.phil Histopathology session 2009-2011. Taught Histopathology 3rd and 4th Year MBBS students Allama Iqbal medical college, Lahore, Pakistan 2012-2013 and 4th year MBBS students Rawalpindi medical college 2013-2014. Started Residency programme in advanced degree of histopathology at CMH, AFIP, and Rawalpindi since December 2014. Appointed as research officer since January 2016 at AFIP and representative of histopathology department in breast cancer meeting. Presented research work on national and international platform.